40 Days of Painting Series

I've been keeping busy the last few weeks painting daily. I've learned a few things in the process.

First off it is really hard on my lower back to sit at my easel, or a table for hours at a time. My husband suggested I stand at our kitchen island & it's working out pretty good. Other than the fact that my art supplies are everywhere & there is not a ton of space for any food prep!

If I create a painting & think in my head that I am done with it, the next day I usually decide to go back in & add more layers & details. I'm also finding that I'm repeating small markings in black paint. Lastly, the wood panels are way more textural than canvases. I like how the pigment appears transparent is some areas & the grain is still evident.

I gathered a few of my favourites & took them in my backyard to photograph them in natural light. They are currently hanging out in my basement studio (it's dark down there!)


The process is really the most exciting part for me right now as an artist. If I'm unsure of myself I just take a step back & come to the studio with an open mind. There is no room for doubt or a lack of confidence. I will make this body of work & time will tell if it resonates with you.