40 New Paintings!

My mind often remembers things quite spontaneously. The other day out of nowhere I recalled that an artist, Emily Jeffords, did something really fun when she turned 30. She created a piece of art every day for 30 days & then celebrated the collection by releasing it on her birthday. If you are an artist you may have heard of, or participated in Ella Luna's 100 day project. Makers commit to creating something every day for 100 days & cheer each other on using certain hash tags through Instagram. Now every piece doesn't have to be amazing, it's all about the process & getting better at your skills. 

I feel like at this point in my life 100 days is too big of a committment. I am turning 40 on September 1st & thought why don't I commemorate the year by trying to create 40 new paintings in 40 days. I'll also be celebrating with a few drinks & maybe a night out with my hubby. Summer is still in full swing which means some days painting won't happen until my daughters are in bed & the kitchen is tidy. The other night I didn't head to the easel until 9:30 & guys I stayed up until midnight! My hands were working overtime & I just couldn't stop. I'm usually in bed by 10:30, even before kids I never stayed up late. I actually produced 3 little paintings that aren't garbage & that I really love. FYI...this doesn't happen often.

Some of the 8x10" pieces that are going to be part of the collection.

Some of the 8x10" pieces that are going to be part of the collection.

This past week I've been on a roll & created some pieces I'm really proud of. The wave of emotions can go from really low to really high as I look for inspiration & try to make something that feels unique & original. I usually paint on canvas, but have discovered that birch panels are my preferred medium for this collection. Mixing oil & chalk pastels with the paint is new to me & I'm learning techniques & teaching myself something on a daily basis. I'm using my hands more than ever & blending the pigments with my fingers, I love the feeling of paint on my hands!

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Follow along with my journey on Instagram & see studio scenes of what I'm up to. (By studio I mean the kitchen table I often sit at, or the blanket in my drive way I cover with art supplies!) Thanks to everyone who supports my artwork & all of the collectors who have pieces of mine hanging in their homes. You all keep me motivated to experiment with different mediums & all of my artist friends (you know who you are) if I ever doubt myself, thanks for your advice.