Gallery Wall

The photo below was taken in February of last year for our Apartment Therapy house tour. I grouped a collection of my favourite artwork together when we moved in 3 years ago & hung it in the living room on the main wall. All of the pieces were placed no higher than eye level & I was happy with how it looked. This is the first wall you see when you enter our home, after leaving the foyer.

Photo by Lauren Kolyn

Photo by Lauren Kolyn

Fast forward to this past Christmas when our daughters received an aquarium. It's large & we really had no space on the main level in our bungalow to put it. I've had the vintage teak coffee table for years, and it seemed like the only spot for it to sit. There are drawers on either end that are really deep, one side never opens as it would hit the wall. The other side houses lots of puzzles. The only thing that usually sits on top is the blue lacquered West Elm tray filled with kids books.  Sometimes the girls would sit & colour here but we definitely could do without the surface area. 

A week before school finished I decided to give the gallery wall a makeover. It was a rainy day, so I had the pot lights on. That 2 outlet power bar is no longer there, which makes me happy. The wicker basket sits behind our rope chair & also holds more kid's books. 

When I hang a gallery wall, I eyeball the entire thing, no measuring for me. The only thing on the wall in this shot is the first aid box that belonged to my father-in-law. It's screwed in so it wasn't going anywhere, all of the other frames aren't too heavy & a nail is all I used. I think some of the walls in our home are plaster, you really have to hammer the nails in with all your might to get them into the wall.


I hung the largest piece first above the aquarium, a photo from my friend Meg at September Wren. I also have 3 other prints of hers on the wall. The wooden piece on the left eventually got switched as it was too tight against the wall. A few pieces are signed prints I've thrifted, while others are photographs I've taken or purchased while on holiday. My husband enlarged an old photo of my grand parents for me which I love.

I started on one side of the wall & worked my way across, trying to vary the frame colours & style of artwork. The red piece on the bottom is an illustration from "Stranger Things" my husband bought that one. I love the turquoise palette in the canvas (pool scene) by my friend Laura Browning.  She graciously sent this to me after I featured her lovely home on the blog.

Two of my resin pieces are displayed. Pink clouds is from my Daydream series. Stay tuned I'm going to have a summer sale on what stock I have left. If you subscribe to my newsletter you'll be the first to know. The other mini block is resting on top of a frame since it's so lightweight. A polaroid of my daughters is sitting on a frame on the far left. I like an eclectic mix & this makes it less formal in my opinion.

We got a beach photo from our trip to California printed in a fun shade of blue by Parabo Press. I took the shot of the Zebras on the same holiday at Hearst Castle. My youngest daughter was so excited when she saw it up.

It's tricky to photograph this wall on an angle as the opposite wall is all windows. I think you get an idea of what it looks like all complete. My friend was over a few weeks ago & said she couldn't help but stare at it. It's a conversation starter for sure. It tells a story of the travels & memories that are special to me and my family.

Leading to our basement we have a large gallery wall on both sides of the staircase that is made up of family photos. If you have pieces you love, display them in your home! I always think it's strange when I go somewhere & there is no artwork on the walls. Maybe that's because I'm an artist, I like to surround myself with it daily.