I recently read the title of Grace Gulley's new book "How To Make Friends As A Grown-Ass Woman" and it got me thinking. Since I joined IG and started this blog two years ago, I have made a lot of new friends. Some I chat with through face time, some live locally and we hang out in real life. Then there are those who are like my cheering squad. Always there to give support and offer real criticism and feedback. 

Photo by Grace Gulley

Photo by Grace Gulley

Grace runs CYL Squad and says to "keep like-minded friends who share big dreams and similar aspirations." I think this is very important in this artistic community. Painting at home is often lonely and I crave communication with other makers. I instruct painting classes weekly which is a great way for me to teach beginners how to create as well as socialize. 

The other night I read something online that was teaching you how to grow an organic following on social media. Suggesting posting only photos in a certain colour palette (perhaps staying on trend with Pantone and the colour of the year...ya right!), making sure that the top nine photos all relate and are not too similar. Also to be consistent posting at least two times daily. Just reading that gives me a head ache!

I post what I feel like sharing whenever I have time to do so. A lot of times it's different styles of artwork. I like to mix it up and experiment with techniques, as I personally love an eclectic style. The process is the most rewarding part in my opinion. I don't have a specific medium of choice and I'm ok with that, I've tried to narrow it down but it's just hasn't happened.

Art by  Tessa Forrest

I just read an interview on artist Jasper Johns and felt very connected with some of his words. 

"There’s the question of doing something knowing what the result will be, or doing something that involves a degree of uncertainty. There can be freedom of that sort. Tending in one direction, you may become aware of where you’re heading and may realize that there are other possibilities. You may want to introduce those possibilities to see what the meaning can be."

At the age of 87 he is still creating today. If you are in the UK check out his show at The Royal Academy of Arts.  

I'm still learning to tell my story through my art. I will keep pushing, keep making, and keep experimenting with what feels right. I feel an urge to create Plant Studies again, we'll see what happens when I head to the studio.