Highlights of the week

Last weekend I had the chance to stop by ArtSpace  for the opening night of "A National Test Market" My favourite piece in the show was a photograph by Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas from the Unsettled Attachments series. "Household items are performatively moved and documented within public spaces where the artist has lived or does reside." Go check it out if you are local.

Photo by Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas

Photo by Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas

Artspace also hired artist Chrissy Poitras to create a beautiful mural downtown. I missed the launch night as my daughter had Brownies, but I went and snapped a few shots of her final work. It's so bright & colourful, how can this not make you happy?


I'm excited to get my hands on this book. Some of the best and most influential architects are included from the 20th century to present day. Filled with stunning black and white images of buildings I would love to visit one day. The book is "organized not by geographical location or timeline but by aesthetic."

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Last weekend I was looking for a documentary to watch and really enjoyed Tig on Netflix. I recommend it if you like comedy. She speaks about some tough topics like cancer & the death of her mother, so it's not all laughs. After I told my husband about it we discovered she had her own show on Amazon called One Mississippi. We've watched a few episodes and I'm already hooked. Since I've seen the documentary I know that lots of the topics are based on her real life. Check it out.

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I recently stumbled upon the insanely gorgeous stoneware of Kat & Roger, a collaborative endeavor between partners Kat Hutter and Roger Lee. I feel like I want to head to the easel and create plant studies after seeing the collection of patterns on their pieces. I'm a mid century gal and the shapes and graphic patterns make me excited. Check them out if you are in LA or shop online and thank me later.

Photo by katandroger

Photo by katandroger

I signed up to receive access to interviews by Devon Walz, featuring a few artists that I am familiar with through social media. I carried my laptop around from room to room each morning this week, as I listened and did my morning clean up around the house. Check it out here, I believe they are up for one month. I enjoyed Meredith Bullock's honesty about pricing and selling your artwork. I know that I need to work on speaking about my art, that's a tricky one for lots of artists I know.

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The weather is still warm here which is amazing for October. My daughters have Halloween costumes picked out and we are preparing for my youngest daughter to turn six in a few weeks. It's been two years since she started JK & I decided to persue my passion of painting.