Friday Introduction

If you are new around here I thought I would share a bit about myself. This is going to be very casual and hopefully you feel like you know me a bit more after reading it. In no particular order let's begin; First off I hate the smell of coffee & have never drank a cup of it. For my Birthday I was recently gifted tea & beer, perfect gifts that you can't go wrong with. Cream of Earl Grey is hands down my favourite, you need to try it folks. 

We no longer have cable and I don't miss it at all! Netflix & John Oliver keep my husband and I entertained for hours on the weekends. I'm very sad that Arrested Development and Parks & Rec are no longer around. The Mindy Project is a comedy I have only recently fallen in love with. I watched a few seasons last summer to catch up. I am not into reality shows at all. 

I feel old when I hear current music on the radio in the car and have no idea who it is...lots of artists sound the same I think. I would rather listen to Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac or some Indie artist on Spotify.  I am a mother of two daughters who are complete opposites of one another.

I'm not techy at all, I usually get my husband's old cell phone but recently got a fancy phone so I can take artist quality photos to share with you all on social media. Our current home has a beautiful kitchen with high end appliances. I thought this might turn me into someone who enjoyed baking and cooking more...3 yrs later and the answer is still no. I do love to decorate but I am not into seasonal decor, we will get pumpkins & a tree at Christmas don't worry I'm not Scrooge! I am very chatty and not shy at all. I've been teaching painting classes for 2 1/2 yrs and have enjoyed the social aspect of it a lot. Painting by yourself in your home studio can often get lonely, good thing I have my dog Dublin to keep me company. It is a long weekend here in Canada, Happy Thanksgiving!