Don't Wait, Do It!

For years now I have been telling myself & those who seemed interested in my artwork, that one day I would have a website that they could use to view my work. Well the day has come & I am very proud of myself for taking a lot of time this summer to create more work, & try to stick to a deadline. I think that has been my problem in the past, but this time there was something driving me to get it done by a certain date. I will share that with you, but not today my friends....the anticipation yes, I know!

Passion is a word I think of when I think of painting & actually making art. The creative process & the feeling I get after I finish a piece is such an adrenaline rush. After finishing school, I worked in  and managed numerous retail stores, that focussed on design & were styled perfectly. I was happy with what I was doing, & thought that I could never make a living out of being an artist.

The internet & social media was not like it is today. There are so many resources, podcasts & books teaching & coaching you on how to do what you love. I'm making myself sound old now...I just turned 38. Whenever I took the time for myself to do a commission or create artwork, I often wondered why I didn't do it more frequently. I think the answer is that I would put away my supplies after I was done with them, as I never had a studio space in my prior homes. It seemed like such a chore to get everything out & either hang out in the unfinished basement, or spread it on the dining room table that I just didn't bother.

Now I have a space in our current home, that I have created for me. A corner where I can post up photos & memories that inspire me & that I love to look at. This time I am going for it! I am not allowing myself to give up. Opportunities are now in front of me, & I am ready to succeed. I also think I am now mature enough to embrace failure, instead of taking rejection or criticism personally.