Looking for the perfect book...

...for someone this holiday season? I've got some recommendations & you may want to get a copy for yourself as well.

First up is the ever so talented, spunky, blonde mother of two Emily Henderson. If you are unfamiliar with her, she won "Design Star" on HGTV, had her own show "Secrets From a Stylist" on the same network, & is now Target's home style expert. I don't think she has ever done something I didn't like, she uses just the right combo of quirky, vintage & modern. She also hoards art, so I gotta love her! Her first book "Styled" has just been released & is the talk of every home decor blog I read. 

I have been reading a Canadian online magazine "Covet Garden" for years & their first publication in print was great. It showcases real people in their real surroundings. These homes belong to creative types who have a passion for decor & have not used an interior designer or stylist. Looking through the pages you will see a unique mix of eclectic spaces with their own character & charm.

I am one of those people who like "coffee table books" with beautiful covers & photos you drool over. I discovered the work of Canadian architect Todd Saunders after reading about his project Fogo Island. "Architecture in Northern Landscapes" has endless images of beautiful structures in their natural surroundings. A great read for someone who admires contemporary design, architecture & photography.

"The Wes Anderson Collection" is a conversation piece of its own. It captures the whimsical, unique style of his work & also shares with fans previously unpublished photos & artwork. I have not seen all of his movies, but once I started reading about each film I couldn't put it down.

The next two books you may share with your children, or choose to hide & read when they're in bed. "Who Built That? Modern Houses" & "The Lego Architect". You can choose if you want to learn about mid-century style, or how many bricks it takes to make a variety of structures from the Art Deco movement.

If you love food & are open to trying new cuisine, then Amy Rosen has got you covered in "Toronto Cooks: A cookbook of the city's hottest culinary trends". In this you will find 103 recipes from 48 restaurants across the city. Amy says "I wanted recipes that people can execute, and that they will execute. My biggest passion is getting people to cook at home". She asked the chefs to prepare these recipes at home, without the help of a sous chef, & with ingredients the average kitchen would already have on hand. Maple Bacon doughnuts...enough said!

The last book on my list is one that my husband ordered for us for Christmas last year. "Swissted" is graphic, colourful & is totally one of a kind. Do you have any other books that come with pages that are meant to be torn out & used as artwork on your wall? I didn't think so. If you love music, design or have a thing for font, then Mike Joyce has made your day. All of the concert dates are actual events that have been performed, he has just made the poster for each one look 100% better. This book sits proudly on the side table in our living room & I have a wall in our entry way that is filled from floor to ceiling with posters.(Warning, it is almost impossible to choose your favourite's). I haven't gotten around to putting the acrylic on top of them yet, hopefully by 2016 that happens.

All opinions are my own.