Colour Crush

If you have read my Bio or follow me on instagram, then you will know that I love interior design. I often find decor magazines a great source of inspiration for my work.

In August I received Style at Home, a popular Canadian publication. As I browsed through the September issue, a page they called Trendspotting caught my eye. I agree that sage is a fresh shade of green if used in a modern context. I bookmarked the page & knew that I needed to make a painting featuring sage in my colour palette.

2015-09-30 13.30.57.jpg

A few days later I took my girls to a local park & came across a structure that I had never noticed before. I'm not sure what the building is used for, but the chipped paint in this exact shade got me excited. Later that week I travelled back to the park to snap a few photos, as I couldn't get the image out of my mind.


When it came time to paint, I sat in front of the canvas & thought about what colours I was going to use with the green to achieve the look I knew I wanted. When I added black I thought "oh no,  what have I done!?".  So, I stopped & came back to the studio the next morning. There was too much black & it needed to feel lighter, not so heavy. The final addition were the bold white lines created with my palette knife. Every painting is a piece that has evolved from something I've seen that has resonated with me. I called the painting "Haze" & am currently working on a second piece in what might end up being a series.